More from Sculpture by the Sea 2017

A couple of more snapshots from open exhibition at coastal walk.  If you are interested in the other snapshot I had posted earlier, please click here.

I was trying to capture them by my own perspectives.  Portrait of those sculptures / artworks have been covered on their official website so I wanted to make them  looked differently.  😉

It is always interesting for me to interpret and find a message by the artists hidden behind these works.

The beautiful South Pacific Ocean and clouds made those works looking even more dramatic, I thought.  They were being part of the arts, the brilliant backgrounds.

Thank you for stopping by.

Under One Sky by Stephen Marr
Plastic Paradise by Kathy Allam
Song of the Aisors by Jock Clutterbuck
The Last Charge by Harry Fasher
Are We There Yet? by Jane Gillings

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