At OKIKAM we offer Reiki and Art Therapy as a natural and effective treatment for a diverse array of issues.

How does it work?

Reiki works by rebalancing the body’s energy flow. It removes blockages in the body which may have built up for years, resulting in physical pain, mental stress, emotional worries and an inability to move forward.

Through gentle touch (or hands hovered over the body) Reiki releases tension and discomfort and activates your nervous system’s relaxation response, strengthening your innate ability to heal and moving you toward wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki treatment is a deeply relaxing experience and gives feelings of peace, security, deep relaxation and wellbeing. It is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Makiko.

I’m an experienced Reiki practitioner who loves helping people feel better.

I’m a Master Reiki Practitioner and I love helping people to relax and restore their bodies and minds with Reiki Therapy. 

I discovered Reiki was when I was suffering from a long-standing case of severe dermatitis and could not sleep due to itching and pain. My skin was inflamed and swollen and I was trying everything to soothe my condition. 

I tried Reiki for the first time. The practitioner literally did not touch my skin at all, but my irritation was soothed and I had a great sleep that night.

I got the opportunity to learn Reiki 6 years ago. I qualified as a Reiki Master and took joy in using my new skill on myself, my family, my friends and their parents, and my pets.

I now love nothing more than to support others by giving Reiki and seeing the beautiful results: more relaxed, balanced and healthy bodies and minds.

Experience Reiki for yourself

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a technique which channels universal healing energy. It was introduced to the world by a Japanese man, Mikao Usui (1865 -1926) who acquired this healing energy and developed the ability to use it at Kurama-dera temple in Kyoto, after fasting there for many weeks in search of enlightenment.

He established the Usui Reiki Ryoho modality (which was known at the time as ‘Light Touch Therapy’) over 100 years ago, and opened the first Reiki clinic. He also trained students.

Mr. Usui passed away only 4 years after he founded the Reiki technique and so there were not many documents or books left about him. However his students took over and one disciple in the line moved to Hawaii, bringing Reiki treatments and teaching to Western countries.

What is unique about Reiki, in my understanding, is that it optimises universal energy for healing purposes, so there is no need to touch the client’s body. What’s more, a client who feels uncomfortable travelling to an unfamiliar session space , or who cannot physically travel, can receive a remote treatment at home, making Reiki far less invasive than other modalities such as massage and acupuncture.

Of course Reiki is not a magic bullet and multiple sessions may be needed to bring clients into a state of true relaxation. However, sometimes even just one session can bring significant changes.

I often think back to a Reiki treatment I provided to my friend’s mother. She had been hospitalised and was struggling to sleep at night due to difficulty breathing, coughing and mucus. I did the Reiki treatment remotely that night and my friend, who was by her side in the hospital, reported back that she watched her mother’s breathing smooth out as she drifted into a deep sleep. It was my first experience of the immediate physical changes which can come about because of a Reiki treatment (there have been many more since then) and I was so happy to have helped.

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Okikam Therapy

by Makiko Yano

Face-to-face and remote Reiki treatments from Sydney, Australia.

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