Sydney Harbor at sunset – 夕暮れ時のシドニーハーバー

I would like to share some photos I photographed Sydney Harbor from Bradleys Head.

My photography often choose the position I stand against the sun light and this time was also like that.  Object turns to black silhouette due to sunlight but I still like capturing the lights and objects, some of which catch slight shades of reflective lights made by an angle between the direction of where lights come from and the objects.

Anyway, I hope you will find fun.

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Bench in the scene – 切り取った場面に登場するベンチ

Usually my photography is landscape (or probably something to call ‘-scape’ whatever it is) so I rarely take portrait.

Just flipping my photos the other day, I found myself taking a bench (or benches) often in the scene of which I photographed.   Here are some out of them.  I don’t know if there was any implication behind myself when I took them, but I am sure that it was given some role in each scene.

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Bench under SAKURA treesBench under SAKURA tree2Bench at BalmoralBench at Queenscliff


A piece of work of the day

This was an incomplete work that’s left it untouched for a week.  I have finished last night.

I went this work stayed simple in design but tried to make it having some good impact in colours I chose.

It will be great if you will enjoy it.

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Portraits of a vintage car

I saw this car when we drove on Coolamon Scenic Drive off Byron Bay.

The car looks being semi-abandoned but actually it still works as a great display.  I like the taste of how its being rusted.   It will be great if these photos will share my point with you.

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バイロン・ベイから少し奥に行った、Coolamon Scenic Drive という道を運転中に遭遇したこのビンテージな車。錆び具合も素敵で(?はい、鋼鉄好きです)、思わず車を寄せて何枚か撮らせていただいちゃいました。楽しんでいただけたら幸いです。



Waiting for the departure

‘Waiting for the departure’.  This is the title of the theme of the month by Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.  And below is my submission for this week.

She is a professional fine art photographer, and I started participating into the community under MM because it gives me a very good opportunity to work for monochrome photography, which I did not really touch them before.  I like taking landscape pictures but somehow I always had got a feeling of limitation in expressing what I see in colours with monochrome, which is untrue.

The community is excellent that many participants submit beautiful works every week.  I am inspired and learned from them each time.  For those who stop by and read this, it is recommended to check her page and participate in too!

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プロフェッショナル・フォトグラファーのLeanne Cole氏のページの中に、読者(フォロワー)の投稿からなるモノクロ写真のコミュニティーがあります。Monochrome Madness (リンクは上記からクリックしてください)というそのページは、毎週木曜日に彼女のブログの中で紹介されます。モノクロ写真がお好きな方、ぜひ彼女のページを覗いてみてください。或いは参加されてはいかがでしょうか。


Waiting for the departure 2.jpg


A lone seagull on the rock – 一羽のカモメと背景

These photos were taken at Byron Bay when I went for my birthday trip.  It was really short trip but I had really great time entirely.

Anyway, I like these photos because of the slight yet continuous background changes happened behind the lone seagull on the solid rock.  I also like form of a series of waves I captured.  I usually love watching waves at any seashore and I can watch them for hours, zero boredom.  So I had had so many difficulties at Byron, to make myself move from a number of beautiful nature scenes  there.  Ocean waves were absolutely one of them.

Anyway, it will be great if you enjoy.

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